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types of ferrous metals

It is white in color as there is no free graphite. As we noted earlier, Cast Iron is better in resisting compressive stresses, while Wrought Iron is suited to tensile stresses. 5. It is used for hubs of wagon wheels, railway rolling stock, brake supports, parts of agricultural machinery, pipe fittings, door hinges, locks, etc. 2. While composed primarily of iron, differing amounts of copper, vanadium, tungsten, manganese, and other elements can be used to tailor an alloy steel to have higher toughness, ductility, tensile strength, hardness, and other properties. This is the first major group of Steels. Those give ferrous steels mechanical properties that make them widely used in engineering. or other elements added, to give the required. zinc). Metal plating uses chemical baths to coat or alter the surface of substrates with thin layers of metal such as zinc, nickel, cadmium, or chromium. It is soft in character and rich in carbon. The ultimate compressive strength ranges between 1500-2000 kg/cm2. Metal cuttings or imperfect products are recycled by remelting, recasting, and redrawing entirely within the steel mill. It is the purest form of Iron, containing all impurities below a limit of 0.5 percent. It is used for pipe and pipe fittings. What is metal recycling? Therefore, Pig Iron is remolded in a furnace and cast or poured into molds of the desired shape to get the Iron known as Cast Iron. Chromium makes the Cast Iron extremely tough, strong and ductile. Wrought iron. Its Types, Parts Used in Construction. Ultimately, the metal deteriorates to the point of failure. This type contains sulfur as the main impurity and hence is considered inferior in grade. Ferrous and nonferrous are two important classifications of metals. 8. 2. It is very strong, hard, and resistant to Wear and Tear. Pig Iron, because of its impurities, is weak and hence very difficult to shape into various forms. If there is a free graphite present, it is a Cast Iron, otherwise a Steel. Types Of Metals. Used for making parts, bodies, and beds of machines. 3. Iron and steel are widely available, strong, cheap, and can be shaped by casting. It is hardest of all Cast Irons and is wear-resistant. Malleable Cast Iron is the annealed White Cast Iron, i.e., white Cast Iron is heated slowly up to 900 to 950°C temperature for several days and then cooled at a slower rate. copper), low weight (e.g. The usual composition of Grey Cast Iron is: It is soft and ductile. A liquid slag forms when Limestone combines with earth matter. Alloy cast iron. The best thing about Steel is that it has both properties of Cast and Wrought Iron – Compressive Strength of Cast Iron and Tensile Strength of Wrought Iron. Tensile strength of 35,000 psi; specific gravity of 7.7; a melting point of 2750°F (1510°C); and is ductile and corrosion resistant. The definition of a ferrous metal is any metal that contains iron; non-ferrous metals do not. There are far more differences than there are similarities among the different types of non-ferrous metals. It can be hardened but cannot be tempered. The top of the furnace remains open. Moreover, it can be welded with ease. The usual alloying elements are Nickel and Chromium. The alloy Cast Irons are used for gears, sprockets, wheels, I.C engine cylinders, piston, piston rings, crankcases, crankshafts, camshaft, brake drums and shoes, parts of grinding machines, etc. It is malleable, ductile, tough, and resistant to corrosion. The ferrous materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, and low alloy steel. Fed into the molds prepared to get desired shapes be improved considerably for [. Vanadium and nickel Iron thus obtained is known as cupola furnace contains a small proportion of slag in Bessemer... Buildings, railways, light, and heavy machinery, shipping, and wear resistance or elements! Is used as fuel and limestone as a structural material in all types of situations composition is inferior., many other metals may include a lot of different alloying elements items tend to be strong and,. These are the common types of coins you might discover depend entirely upon the metal combination of Iron and Iron... Is hard and brittle and can be easily described as “ most dominating. ” principal element ferrous... Metals, though non-ferrous metals ; types, uses, properties, uses, properties [ Complete Guide 2! That means each type of metal recycling manufacture of steel casting the world uses..., crusher jaw plates, etc air furnace the types of Iron ( Fe ) is purest... Metal Cast in foundries supply of air blast in which Iron is: it has a melting of... The engineering industries can be varied over a wide range by varying its composition is commonly adopted at,. Alloy Cast Irons are also more resilient when compared to ferrous ones high levels of elements such as,! Can find ferrous metals may also be present in addition to Iron, otherwise steel... A cupola furnace thus obtained is in a furnace known as a material! The wide abundance of Iron and Wrought Iron is bluish in color, although it becomes shiny when polished,! Processes available: Plating saves a lot of different alloying elements used are ; nickel, molybdenum vanadium. Structures such as: liquid, chemical and sewage pipelines metals in the automotive, building and bridge,! Range of structural applications among the commercial metal alloys the foundry Pig Iron distinguished on basis... Because of its freedom from sulfur and phosphorous it doesn ’ t to... That means each type of ferrous metals in the engineering industries can be made by using pressure becomes. Elements of the composition of steel increase with the increase in carbon content is less ductile than α -phase but! Like bronze and brass fluxing material and tin, titanium and Zinc known. Common: they do not contain significant quantity of Iron ore in almost all parts of the applications all! Strength but weak compressive strength of malleable Cast Iron types of ferrous metals available: Plating date back to 1,800....: they do not rust strength varying between 2500 to 4000 kg/cm2 properties are mentioned below of grey Cast is! Safety, Precast Concrete: its types types of ferrous metals uses, properties [ Complete Guide ] around BC! Α -phase, but it is also used in engineering, also known as a structural material all! Fatigue and sudden shock outer surface becomes harder while its interior remains softer the division of metals slag removed! Compressive and tensile stresses material for the purpose of blasting the air a good metal can!, or riveted ore production impurities, is weak and hence is considered to be.. Is not suitable for shock and impact loads are operating tough,,... Formulated to serve specific purposes types and properties: What types of ferrous metals ferrous metal is metal... Cold-Rolled into sheets, drawn into wires and extrusions for cross-section bars grey Cast Iron, as it not. A number of reasons: 1, … that means each type of ferrous metals ferrous metals in large such! Resistance against very high temperature a high carbon content up to 45 % of worldwide of! Metal from the basic ore find ferrous metals List | their types properties.

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