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spo duties and responsibilities

The commander's staff must function as a single, cohesive unit-a professional team. Patrolled industrial and commercial premises to prevent and detect signs of intrusion and ensure security of doors, windows and gates. Here are a few of the duties and responsibilities of the Support Operations Officer: Plan, coordinate, and enable the external support provided by the battalion’s subordinate units. Project Implementation and Coordination • Maintain and oversee the execution of project workplans for Syria projects. Do not use people’s name, use functions / job title e.g. Assisted passengers with baggage and information. General Counsel I & II. Armed Spo Jobs . Our client a company that operates in the field of Retail, is searching for an experienced purchasing professional. Refers vendor inquiries on invoice payment to the Financial Management Office (FMC) and coordinates response to vendor with FMC, as needed. Anticipate problems before they occur or escalate, always prepared in emergency situations. By having an MCT dedicated solely to retrograde, improving intratheater visibility, and implementing single-pallet transportation and pallet-building procedures, the section greatly improved the transportation for retrograde materiel in Afghanistan.___________________________________________________________________________________________ Job Summary/Duties: The Special Police Officer is responsible for performing police safety and security work. Resumes, and other information uploaded or provided by the user, are considered User Content governed by our Terms & Conditions. Issued security badges and visitor passes to all guests. Answered alarms and investigated disturbances. This guidance is based on UCOP’s Contract and Grant Manual, Section 10-340, (which details Deans, Department Chairs, and Directors (including ORU Directors) responsibilities and duties related to review of proposals for extramurally … Retained valid proof of insurance and registration in vehicle at all times. • Monitor and ensure quality control of activities. Transitioned from a Licensed Security Officer to a Licensed Special Police Officer (SPO) within 3 weeks. Position’s Duties and Responsibilities. A special … Communications, English and Journalism coursework. What Does a Security Supervisor Do? Job Code - X63031. Study Flashcards On Chapter 1: SPD Roles and Responsibilities at The transportation control and movement documents needed for shipping the matting were different for the MCT and the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command.Between July and November 2014, the 17th CSSB SPO transportation section played an integral role in the CMRE mission by coordinating and supervising the shipment of more than 4,177 pieces of equipment valued at over $98 million. I am a licensed Special Police Officer (SPO) with Security Officer and Bouncer experience. After the RC North's RSY closed, movement procedures shifted to meet the CMRE mission deadline of the end of 2014.Instead of waiting for a location to accumulate enough outbound cargo for a convoy, Soldiers scheduled regular air movements for containers and palletized cargo.LESSONS LEARNEDThe support from servicing MCTs was pivotal to the success of transporting materials-handling equipment and retrograde materiel. Provide technical guidance to lower grade personnel. The MCT tracked the movement of equipment by submission date, logistics movement request number, ready-to-load load date, required delivery date, origin, destination, and description of cargo.Subordinate units within the 17th CSSB requesting movement of equipment in CJOA-A filled out and submitted logistics movement requests through the SPO transportation section to the servicing MCT. Conducted emergency roadside repairs, including changing tires, replacing light bulbs and installing fuses and tire chains. Establishing and Maintaining a SPO. After careful observation, he implemented single-pallet transportation and pallet building procedures. Assigned to work at a residential/housing community, the Wingate Apartments, located in SW Washington, DC. The MCT supported the CMRE mission with reception, staging, onward movement, and retrograde of personnel, equipment, and supplies.Under the supervision of the 49th Movement Control Battalion, the MCT used the Transportation Coordinators' Automated Information Movement System (TC-AIMS) to coordinate critical transportation support using host-nation and contractor trucks and short take-off and landing aircraft. Additional duties include UPL Coordinator, Physical Security Officer, and Food Service Officer. Company Commander of the 136th Armor Company at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. All responsibilities should be carried out in a manner that is responsible, professional, financially sound, participatory, and sensitive to local needs, culture and politics and in accordance with Foundation policies and procedures. Plans, coordinates, manages and directs all aspects of … Patrolled the facility and served as a general security presence and visible deterrent to crime and rule infractions. This article was published in the March-April 2015 issue of Army Sustainment magazine. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES . General Manager I - Public Defender. Duties & Responsibilities CRS is seeking a qualified and well-experienced Education in Emergencies Senior Project Officer (SPO) to supervise the implementation of an Education in Emergencies (EiE) project that aims to provide quality education to displaced children living in Internally Displaced Persons Camps outside of Herat City. Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. Interacted with customers and vendors in a friendly and timely manner. and with the GSO/SPO (Supply and Property) Offices. Was instrumental in the duties of ordering, receiving, storing, distributing medical supplies and medical equipment repair parts and daily operation of a warehouse worth in excess of $500,000 dollars. It also shows the assets available to each section that must be considered in planning how to send and receive information. He provides the technical supervision for the external CSS mission of the support battalion. laboratory technician, physician… • In clude all necessary information to perform the procedure, not more. Assigned to guard the entire lobby of the American Teachers Federation (ATF) government building, Assisted visitors at the ATF front lobby desk by inquiring about reason for visiting the building, asked for proper identification and the visitors signature. Please provide a type of job or location to search. Reference Army … Director of Nursing. A Materiel Management NCO usually performs duties directly related to their MOS; however, duties such as working in a CSSAMO … NOTES This job description records the principal responsibilities of the job at the date shown. PART V (Rater and/or Intermediate Rater) Optional. Provide Armor support as part … Train clients with the proper methods to exercise, Educate clients on the benefits of a healthy diet, Accurately keep clients fitness and nutritional records and track their progress, Maintain contact with clients on a regular basis, Help clients achieve their fitness goals and any obstacles that may block their progress, Work with a team of trainers to exchange ideas for the purpose of helping clients succeed, Operated bus to transport passengers over specified routes to local and distant points according to time schedule. Special Police, also known as Special Jurisdiction Law Enforcement; usually describes a police force or unit within a police force whose duties and responsibilities are significantly different from other forces in the same country or from other police in the same force, although there is no consistent international definition. This change of procedures significantly improved the efficiency of transportation by decreasing the shipping time from 31 to 7 days.INTERTHEATER MOVEMENTThe retrograded equipment and materiel were moved out of theater over various land routes, such as the Pakistan ground lines of communication, or flown to a multimodal site directed by U.S. Transportation Command.The intertheater movement portion of the CMRE mission included shipping equipment and materiel out Afghanistan by air to various seaports for movement back to the United States. The incumbent will be responsible for security and control of the assigned areas and the enforcement of the Authority’s regulations. Inspected bus and checked gas, oil and water before departure. SPO-III DUTIES. Correctional Deputy Director - Probation Parole. Assist commander and staff officers in appraisal of intelligence, operations, and training … Staff Responsibilities and Duties. Knowledge of the Howard County, Prince George's County and Montgomery County regions. Notified supervisor of any customer or delivery problems. This job description is not an exhaustive list of the skill, effort, duties, and responsibilities associated with the position. The Soldiers of the 17th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion (CSSB) assumed the mission of the U.S. Central Command Materiel Recovery Element (CMRE) from the 1103rd CSSB on July 1, 2014. Job Code - X60650. October … Serves as the 1916th Support Battalion, Deputy SPO with responsibilities and functions within a military Combat Support Sustainment Battalion (CSSB). Develop countermeasure policies, plan, doctrine, and operating procedures. Duties and Responsibilities 1. The tracker provided the quantity and condition of incoming materiel in order to optimize inventory and minimize unnecessary asset procurement.In another situation, the RC West RSY experienced a backlog of ManTech parts that needed to be shipped to the United States. © 2021, Bold Limited. When troops began using 463L pallets to transport retrograde materiel to the United States, the shipping time decreased significantly. Education (MEAL) SPO Erbil or Duhok or Kirkuk About CRS. Reported all incidents, accidents and medical emergencies to law enforcement. Assigned to work at a residential/housing community, the Wingate Apartments, located in SW Washington, DC. I have security experience in the residential/housing and federal government industries. The 17th CSSB's support operations (SPO) transportation section played an integral role in the CMRE mission. Dc Spo Jobs . OER SUPPORT FORM. Each SPO-III must possess the individual skills necessary to meet the program requirements of this chapter. Reporting Requirements The SPO medical section is re-sponsible for gathering and consoli … After assuming the CMRE mission, the 17th CSSB's SPO transportation section created a more efficient way of maintaining intratheater visibility.The transportation section provided units with timely and accurate information on the location, movement, and status of equipment and materiel by creating an easily accessible online tracker. Effective staff members know their respective responsibilities and duties. U.S. Army STAND-TO! Omnisec International Security Service Inc, DC Armed Special Police Officer/MD Security Guard. Responsible for the readiness of the company with emphasis in the areas of personnel, training, logistics and staff coordination. Frisk visitors and use the magna scanner/hand-held metal detector to ensure weapons and any other illegal items would not enter the building. Inspected parking lot to verify that vehicles were properly parked and displayed parking permits. responsibilities in maintaining data quality and security and have appropriate processes in place to monitor compliance. At those sites, the automated logistical specialists served as transportation coordinators after learning how to process the needed documents through TC-AIMS.IMPROVING THE RETROGRADE PROCESSThe 17th CSSB SPO transportation section played a critical role in improving the quality of life for Soldiers, supporting the Afghan National Army, and supporting International Security Assistance Force base closures within Afghanistan. 3. The 17th CSSB SPO transportation section moved more than 125 20-foot equivalent units of retrograde materiel to the United States. … Responded quickly to medical emergencies, bomb threats and fire alarms. The 463L pallet not only improved the efficiency of transportation; it also assisted in reducing the backlog of containerized cargo.In the past, retrograde materiel was moved by convoys through the Pakistan ground lines of communication and the Northern Distribution Network. The strategic RSY hubs in RCs East, South, and West shipped equipment to Tobyhanna Army Depot, Pennsylvania, Sierra Army Depot, California, and other locations for redistribution.SHIPPING CONTAINERS AND PALLETSThe use of 20-foot equivalent units and 463L pallets has revolutionized the movement of retrograde for the CMRE mission in Afghanistan. DA Form 67-9-1a. The transportation section verified and confirmed the status of the transportation movement releases through the 49th Movement Control Battalion daily.MCT SUPPORT TO THE CMREThe MCTs at strategic hubs used TC-AIMS to provide tracking and in-transit visibility. Without transportation coordinators, retrograde sites did not have anyone with the military occupational specialty needed to produce shipping documents. Senior Purchasing Officer, Limassol – SPO/10/20. | Army Readiness Training, Army to discontinue Asymmetric Warfare Group and Rapid Equipping Force, U.S. Army places temporary hold on new recruits to basic training, Army begins movement for Defender-Europe 20 exercise. Job Code - X60400. Dc Spo Duties . Although I have many years of professional experience in the Transportation field, I have a passion for the Law Enforcement and Security field. Job Code - X63014. The country's lack of a modern road network and the fact that it is landlocked provided challenges to the CMRE's success. Supervise personnel within … She has a bachelor's degree in health care management from University of Phoenix and is a graduate of the Quartermaster Basic Officer Leader Course, Basic Airborne Course, and Aerial Delivery Materiel Course. 1st Lt. Rory A. Santos-Mitchell is the battalion support operations transportation officer of the 17th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska. responsibilities of the BCT SPO and the battalion medical planners and enablers for medical commu-nications. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ The support operations officer (SPO) is the principal BSB staff officer for coordinating CSS to the SBCT. JUNIOR OFFICER DEVELOPMENT OER SUPPORT FORM. Special Police Officer (DC SPO) January 2013 to Current Evergreen Protective Services - Greenbelt, MD. All rights reserved. makes it … The security supervisor’s job description involves managing various aspects of a security department for a … However, the MCT had one set of standards for proper pallet configuration, and the airfield departure and control group had a completely different set.Another issue of inconsistent policies was the shipment of Air Force expeditionary airfield aluminum matting. CRS' talent acquisition procedures reflect our commitment to protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse and exploitation. 9. General Manager I - Physician. The process of shipping unit line number equipment from the RC West RSY was taking an average of 31 days.The noncommissioned officer-in-charge of the 17th CSSB's Kandahar SPO transportation cell, who was the liaison and subject matter expert for the MCT and the RSY, was sent to the RSY to assess and improve the processes. POSITION DUTIES: MAJOR DUTIES 1. Job Code - X61011 . Nm Spo Job Descriptions . His innovative way of shipping using 463L pallets resulted in 85 pallets of ManTech parts being retrograded to the continental United States. Job description Job Title: Senior Programme Officer, Toxics programme Responsible to: Tony Long, Director, WWF European Policy Office Location: WWF European Policy Office, Brussels, Belgium Overall Objective The Senior Programme Officer’s (SPO) principal responsibility will be to lead WWF’s toxics Comments. Significant Contributions. Signature and Date. • Indicate in the “Responsibilities” section who is doing what. Checked passes and credentials of persons seeking to enter the property. Performs any other reasonable duties and tasks as requested by the Foundation. Spo Officer Duties . Assisted passengers with baggage and information, Complied with local traffic regulations and reported delays and accidents, Inspected bus and checked gas, oil and water before departure, Transported pupils between pickup points and school, Adhered to safety requirements such as Defensive Driving, Smith System and IPDE (identify, predict, decide, execute), Knowledge of the Howard County, Prince George's County, and Montgomery County regions, Provided specialized training to University of Maryland students to obtain a commercial drivers license, Demonstrated the correct procedures and maneuvers of a transit vehicles and motor coaches, Safe Motor coach operation of a 45 foot Setra - to transport University athletic teams to/from various out of state competitions. Security Supervisor Job Description Sample, Duties, and Responsibilities. Spo Duties And Responsibilities . Major Performance Objectives. For example, using the 463L pallet is very efficient. The SPO transportation section was responsible for coordinating with the brigade for surface and air movement of retrograde equipment.CMRE COMMON OPERATIONAL PICTUREThe CMRE in Afghanistan was a historic logistics accomplishment. Note: “This position description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by incumbent. 2.6Battalion S-6 Advises the brigade commander on all communications and automations matters affecting the brigade and subordinate battalions. Guidance for Review of Proposals by Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs. Having a dedicated MCT for the sole purpose of retrograde is recommended for future operations.It is important to consider the operational environment when planning policies for the shipment of retrograde materiel. It coordinated intratheater and intertheater support missions with various agencies, using both air and ground modes of transportation to deliver mission-critical supplies and equipment across six regional commands (RCs) in the Combined Joint Operations Area-Afghanistan (CJOA-A).MATERIEL RETROGRADE CONCEPTThe SPO transportation section provided integrated support and management for the movement of personnel, equipment, and retrograde materiel around the battlefield. The SPO transportation section was responsible for coordinating with the brigade for surface and air movement of retrograde equipment. Significant Duties and Responsibilities. SPO HR Division Director. • Engage with key interlocutors and stakeholders including donors, peacebuilding Serves as a Senior Logistics Management Specialist and Team Leader for the 1st Sustainment Command (Theater) (1TSC) Support Operations (SPO), Distribution Integration Branch (DIB), with the responsibility for developing, reviewing, and implementing directives, … The SPO transportation section assisted in moving enabler teams and provided the transportation support required to move excess retrograde materiel.The battalion's transportation section supported the removal of materiel from the point of origin to the appropriate outlet for disposal or retrograde. The skills and knowledge required for an SPO-III to perform these duties include, but are not limited to: a. The transportation section shipped a variety of cargo, including materials-handling equipment, maintenance parts, and tricons.The responsibilities of the transportation section included assisting the headquarters and headquarters company, all enabler teams, companies and their subordinates assigned to the battalion, and all operational control units. Adhered to safety requirements such as Defensive Driving, Smith System and IPDE (identify, predict, decide, execute). The position holder will report to the GM and main duties are the following. Job Code - X61111 . Conducted daily DOT pre-trip inspections according to a set checklist. Signatures and date. The system's capabilities allowed the MCT to produce unit deployment lists, transportation control and movement documents, radio frequency identification tags, and military shipping labels, which were all part of the unit line number packets needed for intratheater movement.Challenges arose at some RSYs and forward retrograde elements when their transportation coordinators redeployed, which required a change to the paperwork process for retrograding materiel. As the retrograde sort yards (RSYs) processed and determined the disposition of equipment and identified materiel for recovery and retrograde out of theater, the SPO transportation section coordinated with the brigade to move and retrograde the supplies out of theater.The battalion's transportation office and the movement control team (MCT) coordinated surface and air assets. The SPO is responsible for maintaining the readiness of the brigade’s fleet of vehicles, weapon systems, and all other systems that the brigade uses to conduct its missions. The job description will be updated from time to time in conjunction with the post holders to reflect changes. To facilitate operations of subordinate units and staff sections in the battalion, it provided subject matter experts in all areas of movement and retrograde operations.Through the CMRE, the Army established a way ahead for removing excess and unaccounted for equipment and materiel from the CJOA-A. Goal and Overview As a Materiel Management NCO it is possible to work in a warehouse, depot, Combat Service Support Automation Management Office (CSSAMO), Support Operations (SPO) and various other assignments. Operated bus to transport passengers over specified routes to local and distant points according to time schedule. Duties and responsibilities: The MEAL SPO will be responsible to achieve the key objectives and detailed activities as following: Support and measure RISING and Taadoud achievements in targeting the vulnerable communities in catchment areas, reaching project milestones, follow implementation plans, provide systematic … 10. Washington Dc Special Police Officer • Use the fewest possible words, if different steps are involved in the activity, use bullet points Supervising physicians within a SPO are subject to the same responsibilities, requirements, and supervisory duties as any other supervising physician except that the supervision may be shared and physician-to-PA ratios do not apply. By 1st Lt. Rory A. Santos-MitchellMarch 3, 2015. Patrolled the facility and served as a general security presence and visible deterrent to crime and rule infractions. CRM Considerations for Transport SPO Briefing Goal When I’m done I’d like you to have a clearer understanding of an airline pilot’s duties, responsibilities, and tasks so you are better prepared for your later discussion of SPO (Single Pilot Operations) for transport aircraft. Spo Transportation Officer Duties . Perform duties as quality assurance representative for all shower/laundry and clothing repair functions. Complied with local traffic regulations and reported delays and accidents. Physically fit with a quick reaction time in the event anyone needed restraining. Performed the duties of a medical supply specialist in a medical supply warehouse in direct support of a mobile Army hospital. Coordinated daily delivery schedules based on customer schedules, peak delivery times and alternate routes. Brigade S-1. Maintained telephone and radio contact with supervisor to receive delivery instructions. As such, it is not owned by us, and it is the user who retains ownership over such content. My security areas of expertise includes concierge and customer service, community patrol, access control and neighborhood inspections.

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