Repair Welding

Maintenance and Repair of industrial equipment by welding, requires high expertise and extensive technical knowledge about the properties of materials, weldability of various materials, as well as full knowledge of the types of cracks, types of failures and a full understanding of equipment service conditions. Although Repair welding of equipment is an economical way to prevent production line cessation, the high risk of welding operations and the high probability of cracking in the part increases the risk of repairs.

Vetra Industrial Group, with its technical knowledge and high experience in this field and compiling the correct instructions, using appropriate and quality materials, using qualified personnel and also having the appropriate equipment, gives this assurance to the customers, That the welding method is designed, executed and monitored in such a way that sensitive welds are performed with the least risk and the most efficiency.

Vetra Industrial Group Repair Welding Department performs repair projects in three forms:

  • Coating welding in order to create a resistant layer of abrasion, corrosion, erosion and… with the help of ferrous and non-ferrous base alloys (cobalt and nickel base, tungsten, tungsten carbide, etc.) to repair parts and also to create a layer on properties with properties. It is desirable to include layering operations to reduce the effects of dilution and reduce the possibility of re-cracking, repair defective parts with anti-cracking electrodes and finally apply the final coating to increase the service life of equipment against environmental conditions.
  • Repair of cracks due to welding, fatigue, hydrogen cracking, stress cracking (SCC) and cracks caused by service condition of parts using the latest repair methods to prevent the spread of cracks during repair operations and increase mechanical and physical properties, Restoration area relative to the main part.
  • Repair of Pressure Reservoirs, Reactors and… Oil and Gas Industries, Power Plant, Refinery Made of Bimetallic Sections (clad Sheets), especially Titanium and Aluminum Coatings that it is not possible to carry out repairs with the usual methods of melting welding because of Formation of intermittent brittle phases.