About us

Group Vetra in 1383 by a group of companies with experienced and qualified professionals, specialized in the field of metallurgy and mechanical work began and all their efforts to advance the goals of the industry applied available to our customers good services provide.

Group Vetra due to the ability of the staff and their creativity in different parts composed of several subtypes, each with independent management, particularly personnel and missions themselves are quite independent supported by the senior management and shareholders are.


Cooperation between staff, Mandy motivated staff and appropriate use of creativity and valuing the sacred principle of fundamental principles Group Vetra is thinking.

The following activities can be considered the most important collection in the country or the world, some of which are unique and hope that staff more attempts should be set in order to upgrade them:

. (۱) providing advice on all levels of metallurgy

  • Given the high number of specialists in different fields in this group and motivate their interest in providing new services and self specific metallurgy and mechanics counseling at all levels is provided.

۲٫ Heat

  • The main activities of the Group Vetra the heat treatment group is notable as the first manufacturer of quenched polymer solutions and deliver products to customers in different grades, estimation of heat treatment units, offering advice as well as heat treatment parts on the agenda it.

۳٫ Welding

  • This section is in two parts: general and specialized welding engineering works, including specialized activities that can be done on a sheet explosive welding services to over two meters as well as coverage and repair parts for a variety of ways noted Briquettes.

۴٫ Casting

  • This part of the group of experts Vetra with the invention of a special method of molding plants rice with high speed and quality manufacturing have provided, along with low cost and now services will be offered to customers.

۵٫ Software

  • The creative team also had the task of providing software engineering and metallurgy are already planning a special and unique version of metallurgy and mechanical engineering of software.

۶٫ Education

  • Group Vetra with good facilities, good standard and also having internal and external specialists, as one of the scientific and executive arms of TUV NORD, space appropriate training in accordance with world standards to train engineers, managers and experts of it is hoped that the industry is provided by the transfer of knowledge and experience of professionals, creating interaction and relations among and allow some of the serious problems in the industry must be provided.